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11:39pm 08-17-2020
John Apps
Found this site and wondered whether anyone knows Jim Livingston (RNZN) who was with S31 EA/A's at Collingwood 1959-61? If so please say hello from me!
2:34pm 02-15-2020
David [Dai] Thomas
My daughter lives in Auckland and I live in the Philippines will be visiting Auckland very shortly was Series 36 we had many Kiwis in our Class I was ERA.
5:40pm 01-15-2020
Victor Bradley S39
Hello again Bob.....it was good to catch up with you & Barbara again....Every good wish for 2020
my NZ postcode is 3330
Series 39, Brickwoods Field Gun Winners 1963 ,HMS Belfast to Gibraltar 1963. HMS Caesar & Caprice then Submarines Walrus, Valiant & Revenge.
Life has been good and it seems to get better married to a Scot in 1967...living in New Zealand and still taking orders!
I see Gavin Dyer is back on the list
5:48pm 01-04-2020
Bill Richardson
Joined May 1983 (entry 832), left RN in 1996 as a CPOMEA (D196985C)
Joined RNZN in 1996 and left in 2002 as CPOMT (E1002160) but served as civilian till 2005.
Presently live in North Shore of Auckland, New Zealand 0632.
8:56pm 01-03-2020
Stanley Oram
Hi Bob - et al,

Shocking pictures on our TVs of the fires raging in the SE. I hope all our old chums are safe and well and even if you are not threatened by the fires I hope you are not suffering too much from the drought.

Wishing you all a safe and Happy New Year. Stan Oram S35 /S38
2:01pm 12-03-2019
Alan Ashby
If anyone who hasn't received a (relatively) recent email from me and who wants to be put on the mailing list for the next reunion, please ping me a mailey
and I'll add you to the list.
Please can Ken Hancock, Bob Cusse, Tim Sales, Graham Bryder & Graham Dean get in contact with me please?
3:36pm 11-09-2019
Leslie Gerald Tanner
Really enjoyed the TDU reunion weekend and lunch in Adelaide last month. Great to meet all the people there. A very good weekend and good company.
12:24pm 07-05-2019
Tanzi Lea
I was S50 then S49 (ERA). Changeover to Pilot in 1972 then joined RAN in 1990 and left in 2012. Still here living in Milton, NSW.
I was at the closing down weekend of Fisgard flying a few ex Tiffs up from Culdrose.
9:15am 02-06-2019
Bob Watson
Hi Ron
Thanks for your input.
Have seen Harry at some of the local reunions but he seems to be quite busy and have missed him the last couple of times.
3:17am 02-06-2019
R W Christian
Ron Christian (Chris) S18.(OA app. to gunnery officer RN, 1953 - 1987)
Just browising your website. The only name I recognized was Harry Anderson (and snooker queue). Passed through Sydney, Perth via Freemantle and Geraldton during my time in the RN. Harry Adamson RNZN was a "a chief hook" may even have been chief hook of the 'school' I can't remember. Missed seeing him whilst visiting NZ.
All the best to you in the antipodes keep up the fine traditions of the "tiffs" g'day
9:42pm 02-04-2019
Tim Sales
Was S64 Lane Division, Shipwright finished as MEA(H)1.
Now on Gold Coast, How do I join the group?.
8:51pm 06-06-2018
Graham Bryder
S63 May 6 1968
Living in Perth WA
10:15am 05-27-2018
Bob Watson
Sadly after a long illness, John Grayell, series 3 from Woombye in Queensland passed away on Friday May 25th 2018.
5:37pm 02-24-2018
Ricky (Muddy) Waters
To Pat Hoy
See you wish to speak to tiffs in your class.I was in S11 and my brother in law who lives in Tuncurry/foster NSW was in S10 Pete Dodd. His email is address is pdo1648@bigpond.com
Regards Ricky
6:31pm 02-13-2018
Ray Robinson
872 entry, Sultan Marine Engineering App, Rutherford Block Naval Nuclear School in Sultan, Submarine Service, Splendid, Spartan. CPOMEA (ML) Marine Engineering Artificer of the Watch.
Now living in Kerikeri, Far North of NZ.
Proud to be an Artificer!
Messages: 16 until 30 of 91.
Number of pages: 7
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