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8:27am 07-28-2016
Bob Watson
I regret to inform you that Mike Pearce, series 21 passed away in Port Macquarie base hospital on July 20th following a long fight after surgery complications.
We pass on our condolences to Pat and family.
9:48am 05-06-2016
Bob watson
After a bit of pressure we are doing another Reunion.
Will be in Brisbane, weekend of 19th -22nd August.
You do not have to attend all functions but would be nice to see you there.
More details will be on the News page when we get them
8:02pm 04-13-2016
Patrick Hoy S10
I enjoyed viewing this site & would be delighted if any former colleagues contacted me via email.
10:43am 07-28-2015
Bob Watson s25
Sad News, one of Queensland staunchest members of our group has crossed the bar.
Bob Woodland passed away on Sunday evening 26th July 2015.

Twilight and evening bell,
And after that the dark!
And may there be no sadness of farewell,
When I embark;
2:05pm 06-28-2015
John Trott
Hugh Upward B.E.M. S31 Grenville Sept. 1959 Entry passed away, 10th Jun 2015.
Hugh, was CMEA (L) on HMS GLAMORGAN (D19) during the Falklands War, on 12th June 1982, Glamorgan was hit by a MM38 Exocet Missile, 14 of her crew were killed.
Chief Marine Electrical Artificer (L) Hugh Upward received a Commander-in-Chief Commendation for his brave actions and resolution to duty on that day.

Hugh served in the RN for 26yrs. previous ships; HMS ARROW, HMS ARGONAUT, HMS MOHAWK, HMS DEVONSHIRE, HMS HAMPSHIRE, HMS PALLISER, HMS EXCELLENT as well as back to HMS COLLINGWOOD as an Instructor. Hugh retired from the RN in 1983.

Hugh has Crossed the Bar and is sadly missed as he makes his final Voyage, with Fair Winds and a Calm Sea.
7:49am 04-30-2015
Ron Ellis
Looking for Robert 'ABO' Sandford S48 or S49 kiwi navy. If anyone knows what has happened to him since 1964 please drop me an e-mail.
7:20pm 04-29-2015
John Hodson
Trying to get a message to Simon Bromily who was 743 Entry I am trying to get in touch with his brother Carl who joined up with me in 763 His elder brother was at Collingwood with us for a short time. I see from your members list that Simon is a member. Many thanks
8:17pm 04-15-2015
Malcolm James Dean
How do I become a member of this group?
9:04am 02-18-2015
Bob Watson s25
For any that were not on my email list, a reminder that a Tiffs Down Under reunion will be held at the Twin Towns Services club the weekend of 21st August 2015.
Proved very popular last year and many have requested another one.
Programme and final details are still being looked at so watch this space or your Inbox.
10:31pm 02-17-2015
Bob Watson s25
For those that knew him I regret to say that John Lunn Series 47 passed away on 7th February 2015.
For those that were there, they may remember John attended the reunion held in Melbourne in 2013.
On behalf of his fellow ex-tiffs I would like to offer Sheila our condolences.
3:44pm 02-14-2015
David Price
'Tis interesting being part of such a group such as ours. For years I thought I was the only Tiffy in Aus! I've met some great people and made many friends with such a lot in common even though from different entries and backgrounds we are all the same really. Cheers you lot!
David Price 723 entry
9:05am 02-14-2015
Simon Empson
Hi guys
Just a note to say the reunion photos were good to see and all are hail and hearty.
Simon 732a

Nth Geelong 3215
12:15am 02-13-2015
Tim Price
Love the tweed head video, nine-o-clockers remembered with affection!!
7:33am 01-06-2015
Stan Oram
Hi Bob - just come on to say we are watching the news re the bush fires down under and just hope everyone is OK. Sad to see your post re Brian Ewing - I'm just organising a mixed class reunion for Series 34 - 40 (inclusive) and my group email to sound everyone out soon brought back notification of a couple who had Crossed The Bar since I last emailed everyone.
What entry were you Adrian (Curnow) - I was in Middleton and passed out with S38 in Dec '63 so you couldn't have been far behind me.
11:28am 12-18-2014
Bob Watson s25
Sad to say that Brian Ewing series 21 passed away 7th December after a long battle with lung problems.
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