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12:55pm 02-16-2023
Ian R Newbery
Hi, I did not know about this site but found it having just joined the Fisgard Association. We came to Australia in 1971 after transferring to the RAN. I joined HMS Fisgard on the 4th May 1959 this was series 36 after that I went to HMS Collingwood and then, as a BIrdy, on to HMS Ariel as an REA App. My postcode is 2541. Please let me know if I make the tiffs down under list.

Kind regards Ian Newbery
5:46pm 09-15-2022
Bob Watson
Sad news with the passing of Nigel Woolmer (series 27) in Adelaide on 13th Sept 2022. Although his time in the RN and RAN was short, he was keen on keeping the reunion side of things going and was instrumental in getting the succesful 2019 Adelaide reunion off the ground.
Condolances to Beryl and family
5:01am 09-03-2022
Bob Watson
David you have not been left out of any Brisbane lunches as there have not been any organised since last Oct. Then just after that we had omicron and all the attendant restrictions. Will have to see what happens this year.
7:14pm 08-31-2022
David Price (723)
Hello fellow Tiffs! Been a while since I’ve heard from anyone in Queensland. Just wondered if the Queensland (Brisbane members) are still getting together occasionally. Regards to everyone particularly Bob who was looking for someone to take over organising meetings, hope you lot are well and hope to hear from someone!
3:42pm 06-01-2022
Andrew Cole (S50)
Hi all, I have not had any response to my request for interested persons to attend a Trafalgar Day event at the Riverine Club this year. It would be sad to have to drink all that port by myself. Mess Undress or formal (club rules apply). The club does have some accommodation as well. Look up their website.
1:22am 05-27-2022
Pete Hart
Further to my enquiry below, Brian’s photo was taken at the Adelaide reunion in 2019 and shows him sitting in a chair on his own if anyone can confirm my initial request.
Kind regards,
Pete Hart (S50)
6:27am 02-13-2022
Andrew Cole (S50)
I am in the process of organising a Trafalgar Day cocktail party here in Wagga for this year (2022).
please email me if interested.
6:03pm 11-30-2021
Ken Brawn
I would have thought that with so many ex-Tiffs down there, the country would be run better. Time for you guys to step in and show them how it should be done. :-) Salutations from Cape Town.
7:22am 06-18-2021
Ronald Ellis
I have been Looking for Robert (Abo) Sandford for quite a few years who came to HMS Collingwood in about 1963 and was in Bateson Division, Fisher Section.
9:25am 04-29-2021
Andrew Cole
Hi all,
I see there are only 3 of our S50 fellows here. Rus I knew well, Paul I do not remember. I played clarinet in the band, went to Collingwood and then transferred to the RAN.
Living near Wagga, it is very difficult to attend reunions in Qld. even Sydney is a challenge.
I any of you are in Wagga on the first or third weekends of the month, look me up at the Miniature Railway in the Botanic Gardens.
Andrew Cole
7:14am 03-30-2021
Pete Hart
Dear Shipmates,
could you confirm whether Brian Livingstone is one and the same that was the WEO on HMS Londonderry during 1980/81
Many thanks,
Yours Aye,
Pete Hart
Series 50 (Jan 1964)
12:36pm 03-18-2021
Bill Richardson
Thanks Bob for the info with regards to Tiffs Down Under and the future NZ lunch

Regards, Bill Richardson
9:03am 03-09-2021
Bob Watson
Bill, Tiffs down under is not a formal association so no joining or fees etc.. Otherwise would require all the bureaucratic humbug that officialdom requires.
At present am not at home so no access to info.
I used to maintain a list and web site of ex tiffs out here but Alan Ashby is now the go to.
My eyesight is no longer the best so am not updating things.
You should be ok to attend the NZ lunch, they even let us from Aus one year.
Regards Bob Watson s25
3:16pm 02-28-2021
Bill Richardson
How do I get registered/ join as a member of "Tiffs Down Under"?
I joined Royal Navy in 1983 as an Artificer (entry 832, Service No. D196985C), and then joined the Royal New Zealand Navy in 1996 (Service No. E1002160).
I am presently a member of The Fisgard Association and noticed that on the back cover of "Newsletter of The Fisgard Association" (Issue 54) that there is a RNZN Artificer Apprentices Association Reunion Lunch in May of this year which I may be able to attend if I qualify to do so.

Thanks for any help that can be given on the above request.
Kindest regards,
Bill Richardson
North Shore Auckland
New Zealand
9:07pm 10-16-2020
Tony Busvine - S26
I've recently learned that Bill Beale S20 crossed the bar in June of this year. Is there anyone of your members who knew him that I can contact?
Many thanks
Tony Busvine
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