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2:55pm 02-11-2018
John Avis
S55 entry, been in NZ 36 yrs, living in small town Oamaru, South Island. Now retired.
10:51am 02-11-2018
Richard Newport
783 entry, 28 years service, loving life in Oz!
Living on the Brisbane bayside for the last 11 years.
11:27pm 02-06-2018
Charles Holtom
Entry 732
Living in post code 2155. Greater Sydney area.
3:34pm 01-31-2018
Alan Ralton
Entry 743

Living in Sydney
3:23pm 01-31-2018
Brian Rodrigues
693 entry and accelerated to 692. Royal Malaysian Navy. CEA. Did my third year sea training on Intrepid and left Collingwood to return to Woodlands, Singapore in 1973.
Living in SYD since 1986. Would be happy to meet up.
3:20pm 05-27-2017
Joe Estrada
G'day Robert
Thanks Shipmate
Ex-RN Stoker Joe Estrada
3:11am 01-16-2017
Ken Hancock
S47. Spent time in Christchurch NZ. Now in Bay of Plenty (Opotiki) Working as CAD draughtsman on strawbale houses
8:24am 01-07-2017
Pat Maule. S13Canada
Nice site. I see only 3 from S13 but very few pictures of our entry on the Fisgard site, especially of sports photos! There must be some out there.
4:25am 12-08-2016
Stan Oram - S35/S38
Hi Bob - tried posting an email earlier today but it was not posted - listed as Spam! Am I doing sometning wrong?
6:24pm 09-10-2016
John Cussé
Hi, Bob,
Please keep me informed on the reunion venue.
11:34pm 09-08-2016
David Woollard
For Bob Watson,
Alan Ashby tells me that you are the TDU main poc and reunion man. If you haven't already then please see this link http://www.rnebs.co.uk/index.php?p=150%20Anniversary regarding 'Artificer 150', a gala dinner to be held at London Guildhall on 19 May 2018. If you intend to join us then please send your expression of interest as per the flyer. Pat Bradley is Fisgard Assoc and is compiling this list for us. If you plan to attend would you be willing to act as Aus rep? Just a poc really and whipper-in. Let me know your thoughts, David Woollard S41, RNEBS. Fisgard & OCAAA
8:27am 07-28-2016
Bob Watson
I regret to inform you that Mike Pearce, series 21 passed away in Port Macquarie base hospital on July 20th following a long fight after surgery complications.
We pass on our condolences to Pat and family.
9:48am 05-06-2016
Bob watson
After a bit of pressure we are doing another Reunion.
Will be in Brisbane, weekend of 19th -22nd August.
You do not have to attend all functions but would be nice to see you there.
More details will be on the News page when we get them
8:02pm 04-13-2016
Patrick Hoy S10
I enjoyed viewing this site & would be delighted if any former colleagues contacted me via email.
10:43am 07-28-2015
Bob Watson s25
Sad News, one of Queensland staunchest members of our group has crossed the bar.
Bob Woodland passed away on Sunday evening 26th July 2015.

Twilight and evening bell,
And after that the dark!
And may there be no sadness of farewell,
When I embark;
Messages: 31 until 45 of 91.
Number of pages: 7
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