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8:32pm 06-11-2014
Mark "Reg" Perren
Art App "Reg" Perren Tribe Div 803 Entry "dipped back" 811. MEA Anson Div HMS Caledonia. Served Scylla/Jupiter/Cherry B/Scylla.... Voluntary redundancy 1994, joined RNZN - made WO before commissioning, left LT CDR GL (ME) 2011. Now living Papamoa, Bay of Plenty, NZ
7:26pm 05-24-2014
Peter Baxter
Series 25 - ended up as REA(AIR) 1 - now semi-retired in Canberra. Busy enough as a consultant to the Aust Government even though work has eased off with the current Liberal's recruitment freeze. I provide services supporting recruitment activity!
I left UK in 1969 - 2 yrs at a tracking station here in Canberra, then 10 yrs odd at the Fleet air Arm base at Nowra as a civilian Senior Technical officer. After transferring back to Canberra I changed careers, got some qualifications - Masters level and became a senior officer finance adviser in Defence Dept.
Now married second time and very happy. Had a falling out with Bob W but all past business now!
Pleased to hear from anyone.
9:27am 04-28-2014
Bob Watson s25
Patrick and Michael
Have sent you emails
12:56am 04-25-2014
Michael Herbert
A member of Series 'The Magnificent' 7. Froby at Fisgard and remember Ally, below.
I see that Rob Thomas (S6) is still on your list but do not recognise him in any of the phots.
Vic Balhattchet was at our 50th reunion and we met up in Brisbane in the early 2000s. Have tried to make contact but have failed. Any help would be much appreciated.
Great to see the spirit of ex apps is alive and kicking 'Downunder'
9:25am 03-11-2014
Patrick Allerston
Patrick Allerston ( Ally) Series 6. Froby and Drake Division. My first visit to this site and I have enjoyed it. Have made several visits to Oz two waterbourne on Hampshire and Duchess when we transferred it to the Australian Navy and several other times since I retired. During one of these visits I managed to meet up with Roy Barwick and his wife.
Best wishes to all the Ex Tiffs who live in OZ and NZ.
2:42pm 02-26-2014
Victor Bradley
Series 39, Brickwoods Field Gun Winners 1963 ,HMS Belfast to Gibraltar 1963. HMS Caesar & Caprice then Submarines Valiant & Revenge. Seeing Gavin Dyer in print was a blast as we both attended TS Mercury from 1956 -1960 and both joined Fisgard 1960 and again both being REA's,
remember your Mercury # Gav? 4385...Benbow Division, I am cheating as I have the Mercury Magazines from 1956 -1960 with the lapse of time they make for "can't putdown reading".
Life has been good and it seems to get better married to a Scot in1967...living in New Zealand and still taking orders!
I must join up again....and meet up?
1:52pm 01-21-2014
Terry Lawton
Joined Fisgard May 1956, S27 I think.
Left pusser in 1970 came straight to Oz, eventually settled in Perth, worked in resource construction, retired in 2008.
Love fishing in my boat and supporting the mighty Freo Dockers.(Well we all have a cross to bear)
8:46am 01-21-2014
Paddy Morgan
Paddy Morgan S40

I was delighted to note Gavin Dyer S39 (Grenvile Divisions and later HMS COLLINGWOOD) is now living in Sydney. If anyone reads this please relay my email to him as it would be great to catch up for a beer and remember 1960 - 64!
2:31pm 12-22-2013
Bill Allingham. S34,
Hi all "Tiffs Downunder." and all readers on this site.
Very sorry to report that the sites founder, mentor and my dear friend Bob Watson had a fall off a patio roof a couple of days ago when doing some DIY. He's in the Princess Royal Hospital, Brisbane where they have given him an immediate hip replacement and are treating his damaged ribs. He'll recover, but seems likely that he'll be in hospital until some time in January. I'll keep up to date and post any news on this site. Wishing you all a Very Happy Xmas. Bill Allingham
10:50pm 11-02-2013
Pete Lipscombe
This is my first visit to site and it was surprising just how many old class mates I recognised from those old photos, including myself.
I am still in contact with Rueb Stapley and we meet up every so often.I have also just recently found out that Jock Dickson , the list of class members only list 1 Dickson, we had 2 in our entry if my old mind serves me correct. 1 Ian Dickson Blake Division, the other was Dixon Duncan Division but I cant remember his first name.
Ian is now living in Aberdeen but seems to have shut himself off a bit as I never hear from him except a Xmas card.
Rueb recently informed me that Pete Wren has sadly Crossed the Bar earlier this year. This came from Petes Daughter.
If anyone out there would like to contact me I will be only too pleased to hear from them
7:51am 08-01-2013
Bob Watson s25
Hi Paul
Thanks for the update re your Dad, sorry to hear of the loss of another of our ilk, sounds like he will be sadly missed.
I was unaware that he was a Tiff Down Under but have emailed those out here that I am aware of from his series plus Ted Sanderson in the UK who is in contact with most from that class.
regards Bob Watson
10:13pm 07-30-2013
Paul Harris
After happily coming across this site I have to unfortunately mention that my Dad, Lionel Trevor Harris (S16) passed the bar on 15th June 2013 at Joondalup Private, Perth, Western Australia. Dad was ill for some time, i never thought the day would ever come to such a strong individual like himself. i followed Dad into the Navy, the RAN though (into the birdie field). i am proud of his achievements and the history of you guys, hope that one day i might find some more photo's of him on this site or from someone else.
Keep up the good work

Regards Paul Harris
7:13am 07-05-2013
Bob Watson s25
Sorry to hear about the passing of Richard Owen.
I did not know him personally but knew for a time he was an active FA Social Sec until he was hospitalised a few years back, he was determined to come back and carry on with the social side, unfortunately it seems the big C beat him in the end.
Sad to lose another of our ilk.
4:07am 07-05-2013
John Bowden
This is firstly for Gavin Dyer. When you were at TS Mercury in Hamble in the late 1950s and up to 1960, you would have been seen by the visiting dentist, a Mr. Hugh Brown, ( a former Surgeon Lt. Cdr (D)) and his Dental Nurse. That dental nurse was my then fiancée, now my wife and partner for the last 49 and 1/2 years. At that time I was at HMS "Caledonia" in S34 later S35, dip back through injury. What a small world!

Secondly, and more seriously, I have sad news for old members of S34. The prime mover of our very successful 50th Anniversary reunion in September, 2008, Richard Owen "Crossed the Bar" am today, 4th, July 2013.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his devoted wife and partner, Rose, and his family
He will be remembered as a "full of life man," Art/ App and Artificer, who has now entered calmer waters and a safe harbour.

Rest in peace Richard, ""Non Manibus Solum Sed Corde" old chum.

John "Bodger" Bowden
10:52pm 07-04-2013
Gavin Dyer
Series 39. Brickwoods Field Gun Winners 1963: HMS Belfast to Gibraltar 1963: HMS Agincourt 1964-1966> HMS Cambridge 1967: HMS Rothersay 1967-1970: Admiralty Research Establishment 1970- 1973> Now Married and living in Sydney Australia.

Getting accepted as an Artificer Apprentice in 1960 from TS Mercury Hamble Hants was the greatest break in my life and I never looked back.

Best Regards

Gavin Dyer D055269E
Messages: 61 until 75 of 91.
Number of pages: 7
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